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unicorns unicorns
Business1 week ago

I’ve Invested In 2 Unicorns. Here’s What I’ve Learned About Identifying Successful Startups Early On—And How You Can Do It, Too

Joe Gardner Joe Gardner

If you’re an investor, know that these pieces must be in place before you invest in a startup: The founders...

Business2 weeks ago

Top CEOs Share Their Tips For Achieving A Better Work-Life Balance

Minutes Staff Minutes Staff

Work-life balance means something different to everyone, but we all need it to be the best we can both at...

scarcity scarcity
Business4 weeks ago

Our Economy Is Based On Scarcity And It’s Failing Us. Here’s Why “The Abundance Model” Is What We Need Next

Bibop Gresta Bibop Gresta

“Sustainability,” in every sense of the word, is about understanding the flaws in our current economic structure, and the ways...

Person writing with a pen Person writing with a pen
Productivity1 month ago

How To Design A Writing System That Will Never Let You Down

Sean Platt Sean Platt

A system is a collection of actions and rules that get you where you want to go. Setting goals is...

bill campbell bill campbell
Business1 month ago

5 Things I Learned From Management Icon Bill Campbell, Who Coached Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Sergey Brin And Countless Others

Jaleh Bisharat Jaleh Bisharat

What do Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Ben Horowitz, and Sundar Pichai have in common? These storied business leaders...

Leadership1 month ago

3 Simple Ways To Build Yourself As A Brand People Will Remember

Nicolas Cole Nicolas Cole

All of us, whether we are conscious of it or not, are in some way, shape, or form, "building a...

office culture office culture
Business1 month ago

What Actually Makes For A Great Office Culture—According To 4 Founders Who’ve Created Exactly That

Minutes Staff Minutes Staff

Unlimited vacation policy. In-office barber shops. Open-floor plans. Lavish team off-sites.  Employers today offer an array of perks, promises, and...

Blockchain2 months ago

The Real Reason Facebook is Starting a Cryptocurrency (Project Libra)

Reza Jafery Reza Jafery

Facebook already has all of your social data. It knows who you're friends with, who your family is, where you...

building construction building construction
Business2 months ago

How To Create The Career You Want—Advice From 5 Founders Who’ve Done Exactly That

Minutes Staff Minutes Staff

It’s not enough to work hard. It’s not enough to want. You also have to plan. I graduated college roughly...

Business2 months ago

Formal Mentoring Is A Thing Of The Past. Here’s Why Learning From Your Peers Is The Future Of Personal Development

Seung Bak Seung Bak

The trouble with mentors (or “mentor figures”) is they’re largely inaccessible. I don’t know anyone I would consider a formal...


People9 months ago

How To Deal With Massive Life Changes: 5 Thoughtful Tips

Matthew Jones Matthew Jones

We all deal with major life changes—it’s part of being human.  Whether it’s death, changing jobs, re-locating, or another significant event, each...

People9 months ago

Discover Who Your True Friends Are: 5 Things You Should Pay Close Attention To

Matthew Jones Matthew Jones

Capitalism turns people into commodities. People, in all of their complexities, get reduced to titles, net worth, and are only viewed...

Marketing9 months ago

I Will No Longer Be A Millennial Hand Grenade

Dan Moore Dan Moore

The other morning I woke to a bombardment of millennial tropes. They came from my timelines and news feeds, my...

Personal Growth9 months ago

Why Entrepreneurship Isn’t Just For Young People

Nicolas Cole Nicolas Cole

You’ve heard the term “mid-life crisis.” It’s that time in every person’s life when they wake up one morning, their...

Business9 months ago

How To Build Your Company Profile: Thought Leadership Solves These 6 Marketing Challenges

Nicolas Cole Nicolas Cole

The term "thought leadership" is a fairly new one in the marketing world.

Business9 months ago

The Modern Day Resumé Is Missing This 1 Crucial Thing

Nicolas Cole Nicolas Cole

A resume is nothing but a list of skills. Here's what's missing.

Business9 months ago

Failure Isn’t A Mistake. It Teaches You These 6 Incredibly Valuable Lessons

Nicolas Cole Nicolas Cole

This is precisely why improvement and growth is a process--not a destination.

Business9 months ago

The Golden Habit To Make Sundays Less Stressful, And Mondays More Productive

Nicolas Cole Nicolas Cole

This 1 shift will immediately put you in a better mental state.

Business9 months ago

The 2 Best Social Platforms For Content Marketing In 2019

Nicolas Cole Nicolas Cole

It's not your company blog, that's for sure.

Business9 months ago

7 Subtle Signs Someone Isn’t A Real Influencer On Social Media

Nicolas Cole Nicolas Cole

That person with 1M followers? They might not be as influential as you think...

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