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5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Life Coach and Therapist


I had a meltdown last week because I was overwhelmed by life during this pandemic. Overwhelmed working my full-time graphic design job and drowning in doubt with my personal business.

I took my problem to two different people: my life coach and my therapist. Same problem of feeling overwhelmed, but two different outcomes came from each conversation.

My life coach was there to support me in the moment with my struggle of doubt and encouraged me to not give up on my overall goal.

My therapist questioned the capacity I was working at. We did a meditation together and analyzed what I no longer have room for in my life.

Coaching and therapy are two completely different investments that can change your life. Coaches focus on your future working with the conscious mind, while therapists focus on your past working with the unconscious mind. There is a fixed amount of time working with a coach while working with a therapist is open-ended and can continue forever.

Here are five reasons why everyone needs a coach and therapist in their life:

1. A coach keeps you moving forward while a therapist takes care of your past

It is incredible what you can accomplish when you are in the right mindset. A coach holds you accountable to pursue goals while encouraging you to move forward, all while making sure you’ve got a positive mindset. Fears are patterns that recur time and time again. Therapists can help identify where a certain fear originated, and once you’re able to identify WHY you are afraid, or hesitant, or worried, you gain awareness and are able to cultivate more grace around the situation when the fear resurfaces.

2. Two support systems but different outcomes

A coach and therapist will always have your best interest in mind. Both are trained to see things your mind isn’t able to see because it is crowded with fear and doubt. It’s like when a friend has doubts around something you know they are more than capable of doing — as a friend, you’re always able to see beyond their fear and doubt. A coach and therapist are able to do the same for you but leave you with different take-aways. Both may suggest saying affirmations. My coach’s suggested affirmation is “I am the only one who can coach the people who need me the most” and my therapist would suggest “I always deserve to take care of myself first.” Both different but effective affirmations.

3. Both are fully present to listen

My coach and therapist both listen to me but hear me say different things. Each coaching and therapy session is a space where I know I am heard and supported. It’s not often that we can be truly heard from a friend or family member without them thinking about themselves. Which is ok! Everyone thinks about themselves. A coach or therapist is hired to focus on YOU while putting their personal problems to the side. My coach and therapist are always fully present during a session and give me their undivided attention allowing me to share freely while they listen.

4. Growth and healing

A high form of self-care is allowing space for growth and healing with the help of a coach and therapist. Yes, the price adds up to have both a coach and therapist, but for me it is worth the investment because I value myself. Which is step one of self-care and self-love…knowing you are WORTH the investment. I will never regret investing in both a coach and a therapist because the benefits far outweigh the expense.

I’ve cried to my coach and I’ve cried to my therapist. What crying means to me is growth and healing. I am growing stronger into a person I know a little bit better and am able to love a lot more.

5. You will never be more proud of yourself

Having both a life coach and therapist is a form of self-care, which in itself is a lot to be proud of. Showing up for a coaching or therapy session willing to work on yourself is enough to be proud of. To further that, the results and progress you make along the way are even more to be proud of. My results with my coach are completely different results than with my therapist. My coach has empowered me to be proud of myself for setting up my dream business and launching it into the world, while my therapist has empowered me to be proud of the progress I’ve made mentally surrounding my fear patterns and instilling awareness when my fear shows up.

Having a life coach has challenged me to accomplish dreams I never fathomed to be a reality. Having a therapist has been healing and taught me to give myself more grace, love and understanding. Both have provided me the greatest gifts: learning more about myself and celebrating who I am and what I can accomplish.

Disclaimer: This article is written based on my personal experiences and knowledge with life coaching and therapy.

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