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Emotional Intelligence, Retirement Strategy, ‘Good Luck Tokens,’ And More Of This Week’s Best Thought Leadership

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What Is Up To The Minute? A collection of our favorite pieces of writing from the past week. A thought leadership showcase. A wealth of knowledge. Your new weekly go-to source of insight from voices big and small across industries.

1. Emotional intelligence writer and author Travis Bradberry: “Research proves that emotional intelligence is the critical factor that sets star performers apart from everyone else.”

In today’s work environment, everyone is expected to possess a certain level of emotional intelligence. Those who don’t are a hazard to their coworkers and themselves. And here’s the thing: Many traits you may consider to be your best—like your low-stress or the fact that you never get angry—could actually be signs of poor emotional intelligence.

Think you’re emotionally intelligent? Check out these 11 qualities that may suggest differently: 11 signs that you lack emotional intelligence.

2. Business writer and author Gwen Moran: “For some, a good luck token or habit can ease stress and possibly boost performance.”

Sometimes, in huge moments, it’s the little things that keep us focused and relaxed: wearing your favorite tie, listening to your favorite song beforehand, looking at a photo of a late loved one for inspiration. Many business leaders rely on “lucky charms and rituals” during or before high-pressure situations to reduce anxiety and/or gain confidence—and there’s research to back up this ritualistic habit. Here, six business leaders share their unique, slightly superstitious practices.

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3. CEO of Orrick law firm Mitch Zuklie on the mistakes of first-time founders: “They can be unaware of the nearby dangers, don’t have good insight into what to avoid to stay safe, and make the same life-threatening mistakes as a lot of other founders who’ve wandered into the same busy road. Which of course can get companies killed.”

Highly inspired but often unexperienced, first-time founders are bound to make a few mistakes as they build their first business. But reading a few articles like this one can potentially prevent unnecessary missteps. This lawyer has helped a number of founders push forward after back-breaking mistakes—and he wants to help you avoid them in the first place.  

Learn from the mistakes of others in 8 Mistakes First-Time Founders Make When Starting A Business.

4. Business and technology journalist Nicole Lewis: “Once you’ve captured your first client and your business begins to brand itself as an AI solution provider, you’ll have to grapple with an evolving AI market that requires a continuing investment in partner ecosystems, skills and intellectual property to gain traction and trust among customers.”

AI services businesses face a number of unique challenges: they must build customer confidence, reduce algorithmic bias, comply with regulations, and more. This considered, growing an AI service business requires constant adaptation and foolproof protocols. After reading his wide-ranging, research-rife guide featuring insight from a number of AI industry leaders, you’ll be much better poised to succeed in the ever-challenging AI services industry.

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5. Retirement columnist Mark Miller: “[This] story is a cautionary tale for anyone planning to postpone retirement and work indefinitely: It’s a fine aspiration, but it’s best to have a backup plan.”

Americans are working ever-later into their senior years, pushing on in their late careers for financial security’s sake. But at some point, you have to decide when exactly you’re going to retire; to have a target date to work toward, says Miller. Otherwise, you may get caught up in a cycle of accepting consistently decreasing pay and will end up with no end in sight.

Read: Why Working Till Whenever Is A Risky Retirement Strategy.

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