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18 Instagram Feeds To Energize Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Scroll through and tune in.


Striking out on our own to build a business empire from scratch is nothing short of daunting. (That we spend 11 hours a day staring at our screens doesn’t help matters, either.) But there are things we can do to stay focused, and loading up on some inspiration is a great place to start.

We scoured the Gram and pulled together 18 feeds that energize the entrepreneurial spirit (so you don’t have to).

1. @garyvee

Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur, author, internet personality, and usually the first name dropped on a list like this one. We’d hate to break with tradition, so give his account a follow and brace yourself for a mighty dose of motivation each morning.

2. @brenebrown

Brené Brown is a motivational speaker, author, and vulnerability advocate. She’s not so much about the entrepreneurial spirit as she is about doing the unconventional with courage and heart. And sometimes that’s all we need.

3. @sgrstk

You’ve probably seen this one swimming around your social feeds over the years. The Captain is its creator, as well as the author of lesser-known history books and some spot-on (albeit obscene) advice.

4. @gabbybernstein

If you need a gentle nudge to ensure you’re working and living with purpose, spiritual author and speaker Gabrielle Bernstein has an Instagram that will help you breathe a little easier.

5. @robmooreprogressive

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I get the greatest benefit of all because I get to see it all; be a voyeur of every one of you, and a mentor to many, and a humble student too; & I get to spot the trends & laws of both success & failure. A few things: – 1. You can get a fast start in this game, but you will hit a wall. Can you get through that wall (the answer is yes, but not all do, because they expect a linear journey; which it is NOT) 2. The longer you stay at it, the better it gets. Sometimes you have times when you think nothing is happening, but it IS happening; you have to stay in it & let the foundations grow 3. Slow is OK. Slow is sometimes good. Sometimes 'slow' is to prepare you properly for the next level; success can sometimes come too early 4. Stay hungry but humble. I have seen many people let their ego get ahead of them (mine likely has too in stages) & it derails & dishonours what go them where they are 5. You need BOTH patience & persistence. In equal measure. Be relentless but not to the point where you push too hard. People talk about persistence, but patience is a vital ingredient too. Warren Buffet was worth 1% of his current net worth at age 50, & started investing in his early teens 6. Comparing yourself to others (other than for motivation & inspiration) is a fruitless, sell-defeating exercise. Don't do it 7. Things will get hard. The process is simple but not easy. If you let the negs or the moaners or those who tell you "you can't" or the haters drag or slow you down, you'll get nowhere & you'll end up catching their disease. Take feedback, balance optimism with scepticism BUT you have to keep believing YOU can even though THEY can't/don't/won't 8. Never stop learning. You got where you are learning, so keep on learning, because what got you here won't get you there. You are your best investment, invest in yourself wisely, you pay yourself the best return 9. The greatest leverage, gift & benefit is PEOPLE. Get & stay around smart, kind, positive & CAN DO success hungry people; and so it becomes you – #quotes #success #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurship #friday #fridayquotes #business

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Rob Moore is the author of Money Book as well as the host of The Disruptive Entrepreneur podcast. His account doesn’t take itself too seriously but still manages to yield nuggets of solid advice.

6. @_kimberlysnyder

Kimberly Snyder is the founder of Solluna, a natural lifestyle brand, and is the author of a series of natural beauty and detox books. Her Instagram is a sunny California dream full of gentle quotes about the importance of the big picture of your life.

7. @arvinsworld

The founder of SHREDZ has built an Instagram that will punch you in the face with motivation. In-between quotes meant to kick your ass out of your seat are videos of men wrestling tigers and women crushing watermelons with their thighs.

8. @sarablakely

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I check in with myself on this one. Ask yourself weekly/ monthly what have you done to invest in yourself? Not what have you done to be entertained or distracted, most of us have that one covered. But, what have you done to invest in YOU? Ways to invest in yourself: read books, listen to podcasts, spend time alone thinking, take online or in person courses. Afraid to public speak, take a Dale Carnegie class! I can honestly say, my success is in direct proportion to the amount of time I invested on my mindset. They don’t teach this in school, it has to come from you making time for it and prioritizing it in your life. I can’t encourage you enough to invest in mastering your own mindset. My great teacher was a man I didn’t know who came into my life through cassette tapes at age 16 after tragedy @drwaynedyer. I also listened to @tonyrobbins @thezigziglar @thebriantracy. And there is a new group of thought leaders I’m excited about… @lewishowes , @gabbybernstein, @daniellelaporte @marieforleo my husband @jesseitzler and of course all things @oprah to name a few. Thank God for these people. The power of positive thinking, not fearing failure, not caring about what others think of you, willingness to take risks, being bold, managing the negative self-talk, and learning how to give yourself the world’s best pep-talks. I’ve been a student of this since I was 16 and it’s a big part of why I was able to start @spanx. The cool thing is it’s never too late to start. And it’s just a hunch, but I’m guessing if you invest enough in yourself you won’t even need others to invest in you. #InvestInYou #Entrepreneur #Mindset

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Come for the motivational quotes, stay for the coffee mug collection. Seriously, women in charge seem to have the best coffee mug collections, and the founder of Spanx is no exception.

9. @therock

Not a place for printed quotes, but The Rock’s Instagram is exactly where you need to be for a little video inspo. His short speeches are full of his distinct charm, and he serves up some occasional encouragement for whatever it is you have to conquer in a day.

10. @mindykaling

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I love this. Thanks @viacalligraphy.

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This television writer, series headliner, and author has an Instagram feed full of killer OOTD pics, Indian restaurant recommendations, and, of course, inspiration for the next generation of boss-ass entrepreneurs. This is especially true for those of us who like to call it a night early in the name of our dreams.

11. @6amsuccess

Not an individual business or entrepreneur, but this account’s sleekly styled inspirational quotes add that extra fire in your Monday routine.

12. @brit

As the CEO of women’s lifestyle brand Brit + Co, Brit Morin has her finger on exactly what young women need to hear. Her Instagram is a peek into the life she’s made for herself, sprinkled with encouraging quotes for the next up-and-coming #GirlBoss.

13. @grantcardone

Grant Cardone is a real estate mogul and bestselling author with a storied history in the US sales world. His Instagram is video-heavy since his inspiration sparks brightest when he’s speaking. But you’ll still find a lion’s share of quote-spiration when you need it.

14. Lewis Howes

Between writing books on leadership and development, and hosting the Top 50 podcast School of Greatness, this former arena footballer is full of quotable nuggets. Lewis Howes’s feed is one intentional quote followed by another, with the occasional plug of inspiration in the form of silly videos (like this one of his friend climbing him “like a monkey”).

15. @tailopez

Tai Lopez became famous for reading a different business or development book a day, then reviewing them in his signature voice. His Insta feed is a little meme-heavy, but the videos pulled from his Snapchat are definitely worth the scroll.

16. @everette

Everette Taylor has built not one, not two, but six successful brands—including PopSocial and GrowthHackers. His feed doesn’t deliver hard-hitting encouragement, but his captions are level-headed and humble, making Taylor a leader by example.

17. @peterjvoogd

Like Everette Taylor, Peter Voogd motivates with the captions of his carefully posed and polished feed. Voogd’s wildly popular book, Six Months to Six Figures, has pushed him to the forefront of business leadership in the millennial generation.

18. @entrepreneur

No list on motivational business would be complete without Entrepreneur. The online magazine runs an Instagram account filled with video clips and stylized quotes chock full of advice, lessons, and motivational tidbits for the ambitious self-starter.

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