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Up To The Minute: The Latest Thought Leadership From Lolly Daskal, Jeff Bullas, William Craig, And More


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What Is: Up To The Minute?  

A thought leadership showcase. A wealth of knowledge. Your new weekly go-to source of insight from voices big and small across a wide range of industries. Here at Minutes, we know how tough it is to keep up with Seth Godin’s latest copywriting tips, what Gary Vaynerchuk is currently preaching to millions of aspiring entrepreneurs, and Jay Baer’s hot new take on influencer marketing. That’s why we’ve decided to dig up, collect, and share the best recent thought leadership in one place.

1. SAP BrandVoice top blogger, speechwriter, and industry analyst Susan Galer on the impact of AI in 2019: “Sifting through this year’s chatbot and AI predictions, it’s clear that conversations have finally shifted from human versus computer, (so last century), to the exponential value of people plus machines.”

The bad news: That probably doesn’t mean C-3PO is going to be your new deskmate. The good news: A chatbot probably isn’t going to steal your job. Galer predicts AI’s implementation will free up the time of employees who handle menial tasks, lifting them to higher-level responsibilities.

Check out the article here: AI Predictions 2019: Humans Work Side-by-Side Digital “Co-Workers” In 40 Percent Of Companies

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2. Author, entrepreneur, and CEO Saqib Qureshi says creating a company people trust is easier said than done—but always worth it: “If people can’t trust you, they’re not about to do business with you.”  

Consumer trust in the ethical side of corporate business is low. But for that reason and others, the incentive to gain consumer trust is high. Qureshi talks about how to inject the vital human element into your company and why building consumer trust begins at the customer service level. And interestingly, he argues that consumer trust should be an organic “byproduct” of ethical business strategy rather than a key focus.

Read it here: To Bolster Trust, Businesses Must Act With Humanity

3. When a competitor goes out of business, it’s time to pounce, says Jeff Bullas, a digital marketing expert and Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer: “There are eight main tactics I would get started on right away to make the most of that opportunity.”

A goldmine of customers, clients, and talent needing a new home flood the market when a competitor folds. Jeff wants you to know how to best go about opening your door to them. He suggests savvy moves such as creating unique offers for their customers, contacting liquidators to strike a deal, and taking a good look at their staff in case any of their recently unemployed team members might be an asset to your company.

His writer-bylined blog post can be read here: 8 Things To Do When Your Competitor Goes Out Of Business

4. Executive leadership coach, CEO, and author Lolly Daskal: “Leadership doesn’t need to lean on authority; it never asks people to do things with a parental ‘“because I said so.”’

The idea that authoritarian leadership is an effective management strategy has been bashed over the head so many times by so many articles that sometimes it feels like we’re now beating a dead horse. But here’s the thing: We’re not. Because there are still plenty of bosses who could use a reminder that screaming about quarterly losses doesn’t necessarily motivate employees (paging John Robinson Block).

Daskal discusses several great ways to motivate employees without authority here: The Best Ways To Motivate People Effectively, Without Authority

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5. Entrepreneur and web strategist William Craig lays out what it takes to be a genuine thought leader: “Leadership of any kind is a tricky proposition. But thought leadership is another breed entirely.”

Being a true thought leader requires more than just being a leader with thoughts. If you want to effectively influence people—and, ultimately, entire industries—you have to possess more than just knowledge and an ability to convey it. You have to be passionate, engaging, consistent, authentic, and more, says Craig in 7 Qualities All Thought Leaders Should Have.

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