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Up To The Minute: The Latest Thought Leadership On Amazon HQ2, Company Culture, Deep Learning, And More


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What Is: Up To The Minute?  

A thought leadership showcase. A wealth of knowledge. Your new weekly go-to source of insight from voices big and small across a wide range of industries. Here at Minutes, we know how tough it is to keep up with Seth Godin’s latest copywriting tips, what Gary Vaynerchuk is currently preaching to millions of aspiring entrepreneurs, and Jay Baer’s hot new take on influencer marketing. And the big names aren’t the only ones offering great insight, either. That’s why we’ve decided to dig up, collect, and share the best recent thought leadership in one place.

1. Author, keynote speaker, and innovation advisor Greg Satell: “Losing Amazon’s HQ2 may not be so bad for New York after all.”

Starting out big here, so let’s hope we didn’t catch you before your first coffee.

It’s the biggest topic of debate (which is surprisingly refreshing, all things considered) in the business world right now: How much did New York really lose by failing to bring Amazon’s HQ2 to the city? While the numbers suggest they missed out on a massive economic boost, Satell says any great American city would be unwise to spend too much tax money wooing any single company, no matter how large, in To Drive Innovation, Cities Need to Look to Ecosystems Rather Than Incentives.

2. Behavioral psychologist and business strategist Greg McBeth: “Deep learning is one of the most compelling new technologies available to businesses and is poised to be a game changer for many.”

For innovative companies constantly looking to be the first to implement potentially game-changing technology, it’s time to get in on deep learning. Between the potential benefits to your marketing, sales, and finance departments, and the decreasing costs and difficulty to implement deep learning, there are few reasons not to, says McBeth in 3 Areas of Your Business Where Deep Learning Can Make A Difference.

3. CEO, business publisher, and legal risk analyst Jack Kelly: “The future job market will be radically different—almost alien—to what we have now.”

The future of work is starting to look more and more dystopian with each radical expert prediction and groundbreaking study. So much so that it feels like we’re beginning to venture into the realm of sci-fi. It’s fun, interesting, and a little bit scary to look toward a future set to be fundamentally reshaped by technological advancements. But what do those potential changes mean for the world of work? Kelly predicts it’ll eventually become “almost unrecognizable” in Predictions For The Dystopian Job Market Of The Future.

4. Business strategy expert and CEO of VSNRY Inc., a digital-first management consulting firm, Charlotte Brown: Business strategy stress tests should be conducted “annually as part of your business planning process.”

When creating a business strategy, more guesswork is often involved than we’re comfortable with. Are you making the right assumptions about the direction your industry is headed? Is what you’ve always known to be true still true? When considering these variables, a business strategy stress test can help determine the validity of your assumptions, says Brown in 5 Steps to Stress-Test Your Business Strategy.

5. Eugenio Pace, CEO of Auth0, on the role of his scaling technology company’s full-time culture director: “His job is to ensure that culture is nurtured throughout the organization everywhere … Living up to our values in everything we do.”

When your business begins growing quickly, company culture can become fractured along the potentially bumpy ride. Pace wasn’t willing to risk this, so he hired a full-time culture director to enforce his blunt and simple culture policy: “No bullshit, no assholes, no politics.” Whatever your company culture policy, might hiring a culture director be a smart move for you? That and more in Auth0 CEO On Maintaining Culture In Hyper Growth Mode.

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